Modernize Visual Basic Applications

Visual Basic has been around since 1991 and many millions robust business applications have been built with it. It’s a great and robust IDE but were we all struggle is the “Internet part”, HTML5 front-ends, SaaS and Cloud. Lots of companies and ISVs with VB complex (ERP and the likes) applications have found Servoy a great alternative or addition. Why? It’s a Rapid Application Environment, maybe even a bit more productive than VB. You can build and deploy your apps fast and deploy them in a 3-tier way with multi-tenancy build-in (if needed for SaaS deployment models). It also prevents developers from having to hand-code screens in HTML5 and from writing out every line of business code. Also the Servoy platform allows you to seamlessly reuse your existing database and business logic.


You have a great VB app, you like to go the HTML5 route with great frameworks like Bootstrap or Material design but how do you make them work together?

You could code by hand, but you’d be returning to the 3GL era. How about databinding? Managing your state? Or creating a UI in HTML and javascript? Sure, all could be done, but these are cumbersome and time consuming activities that are error prone and can introduce security problems in your software. With Servoy we make the integration Rapid! Simply drag and drop fe Kendo UI controls onto a canvas, bind them to your existing (SQL) data, even directly to your logic, and you are all set!. Servoy does all the plumbing for you. Curious how this works? View this 30 minute recorded webinar where we build great User Experiences using Servoy and Telerik.

Servoy allows you to reuse the data and business logic you currently have to deliver a great User Experience to your end users in record time!


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