How to modernise .NET applications with Servoy

Servoy can easily connect to your existing Business Logic layer allowing you to deliver a modern user experience to the applications you already have in place. The platform allows you to seamlessly reuse your existing database and business logic.

In 6 mini webinars, each lasting no more than 25 minutes, we will attempt to unravel all the decisions one needs to make before and whilst modernizing a .Net Application. We’ll start to tackle all the technical decisions that need to be made and we’ll end with mapping a path to successfully execute a project of such a size and scope.

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“Servoy gave us a springboard to develop our product, t normally takes six to nine years to build an ERP from scratch. With Servoy, we did it in a little over two years and with a much smaller team. By vastly accelerating the speed to market, Servoy helped us slash our development costs.”

Jon Ruby – Managing Director at Jonar

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With Servoy 8.1, your development environment will feel faster, more responsive and more reliable than ever before. Learn how to improve user experience with enhanced CSS features, amp productivity with our new form designer, connect more easily to RESTful unstructured data, validate data in line and accelerate UI development.