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Servoy 8.1 – Finely tuned performance and unrivaled productivity

Servoy 8.1 – Tuned performance & Unrivalled productivity


What’s new in Servoy 8.1

What’s new in Servoy 8.1

The new form design functionality is faster, more intuitive and more productive, a must for responsive design. UI patterns that are reused multiple times now appear as components in a library. The Servoy engine can also flatten nested levels into one to eliminate complexity and performance issues.

The NG client boasts a drastically enhanced architecture to optimize performance. Creating and installing custom components is now easy and efficient. A screen allows users to install and update components, without the need to update the core engine.It reduces the risk of errors, saves time and allows users to iterate easily and as often as they need.

See what’s new in Servoy 8.1 in our recorded 30-minute webinars.

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“We work closely with ISVs to continuously enhance our platform so they can create outstanding applications easily and in record time. Servoy allows ISVs to build complex applications without limitations.”said Ron van der Burg, CEO of Servoy.

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With Servoy 8.1, your development environment will feel faster, more responsive and more reliable than ever before. Learn how to improve user experience with enhanced CSS features, amplify productivity with our new form designer, connect more easily to RESTful unstructured data, validate data in line and accelerate UI development