Are you looking for an alternative for PHP?

PHP questions we hear a lot:

“We started using PHP years ago to build a web portal for our customers or employees. The application is interfacing with our legacy applications and SQL backend. We came to a point where we are looking for an alternative because the maintenance becomes cumbersome, we ran into security issues and the site is starting to look a bit dated. What are our options here?”

Is there an alternative to doing a PHP rewrite?

Instead of using other sets of DIY tools to replace PHP, you could opt to go for a more future-proof solution. Instead of building your own “stack” and keeping it up to date, you could partner with a company that provides you with a “low-code” or Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform. This allows you to off-load all stack challenges (frameworks, app servers, Devops etc) to a third party, so you can focus on bringing business value (UX and your industry specific logic) to your users.

If you have a fairly intricate business application and/or needs, we would advize you to look into a RAD platform like ours. If your app is fairly simple and you are not a software vendor (ISV), then try to find a no-code or low-code vendor that works for you. For all else, check out the below short video that explains what and why you would go with RAD:

Why Servoy is the PHP replacement for your business application

When it comes to modernizing existing PHP apps, going to the Cloud, and creating mobile versions, we’ve learned that most software vendors are cautious and often go for a DIY approach. However, there’s a better alternative. Here’s what you can do in the Servoy environment:


  • Rapidly create business applications on your existing database
  • Use our “Appsurance” program to de-risk your teams’ venture
  • All Cloud and SaaS frameworks are out of the box
  • Completely focus on your business value: your industry specific UX and logic

500 successful business applications

15+ years experience in software migrations

Speed up time to market by 60%


From an MVP to a full business application

The Servoy platform is a Rapid Application Development Platform. It allows you to build complex business applications, running on multiple platforms, browsers, mobile devices, Clouds or on-premise. Assuming you have a large PHP application already, we would advise you to start with a smaller MVP and build out from there in order to demonstrate business value to your stakeholders and to  reduce risks.

Some of the things you can do with Servoy:

Servoy offers built-in security and multi-tenancy, cloud and on-premise deployment. The Servoy platforms allows you to deploy to browser and mobile from the same code-base, it supports all modern databases, as well as multiple at a time. Deploy HTML5 with CSS and responsive, WYSIWYG development, and scripting in Javascript.

"The Servoy platform helped us to stay away from building our own stack, so that we could focus on our UX, unique business logic and what sets us apart in our industry." - Jonar

Some examples of what you can build with Servoy

Most of our customers like to start with a Minimum Viable Product, a very small application that provides business value to them.

A mobile application, for example for your workforce in the field, is a great way to start testing the waters. Also for off-line situations.

Exposing information to for example your customers in a web portal is an easy way to enlighten your customers.

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