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Servoy takes application development productivity to new levels. Everything in the Servoy platform is designed to make development easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Efficiency at the core

The foundation (core) layer includes a rich set of building blocks, which you can use to seamlessly assemble your new application. The core engine handles security, multitenancy, navigation, data binding, client-server communication and more. It also includes functionalities to create and manage web services, reports, sessions, localization, etc.

The Servoy IDE

A WYSIWYG editor allows you to easily create and modify user interfaces. Whether the component you need to include is a calendar, a chart, a Gantt chart or something else, we’ve already prepared the work for you. You are not restricted to specific types of user interface components. You can also use any existing web component in Servoy, for example if you want a Google Map or an Office 365 document integrated bi-directionally in your application we make that seamless. You can also extend the platform by adding your own elements and layouts.

Servoy’s powerful code editor includes everything you need from a modern development environment: intelligent code completion, code coloring, code documentation, unit testing, code refactoring and more. Servoy connects with code versioning systems such as Git or SVN so that your team can work together on your project. Integrated testing and debugging tools allow your development to move swiftly.

The Servoy JavaScript business rule language

With Servoy, all your business rules are written in JavaScript. JavaScript is a proven language that is easy to learn and use, and it is much faster to write code with than other languages such as Java. JavaScript is therefore particularly suitable as a highly productive programming language. At run time, your JavaScript code is compiled into native bytecode that is runs server-side for optimal performance and security.

We’ve created powerful editors with code coloring, autocomplete, code inspection, refactoring, versioning and more. The addition of these features makes the Servoy JavaScript business rule language even more productive for enterprise-grade development.

Use and reuse

A key principle behind the Servoy platform is the capability to write and design code once and reuse it as many times as needed. Some of the platform features that support reuse include the UI inheritance model (the ability to inherit or extend user interfaces) and UI embedding (the ability to embed user interfaces that are nested multiple times). All these result in increased development productivity and a more maintainable code.

Code separation allows your code to be neatly separated, modularized, documented and tested. Code inheritance permits functions to be inherited or extended without breaking your code’s completion evaluation.

The Servoy build and deployment tools

Servoy includes state-of-the-art tools to build and deliver software seamlessly from development to testing and production. Servoy delivers you a full CI (continuos integrations) and CD (continuos delivery) pipeline to support Agile development teams in continuos development and deployment cycles.

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