Modernizing complex applications

Modernization Routes

Before coming to Servoy, most of our customers have tried to modernize or replace their applications via .Net or Java. The majority have a background in some kind of 4GL or RAD tool, while the remainder might have an older application in .Net or Java. Whatever alternative routes have been explored by them, the road to modernization often took a lot more time and effort then expected. When time-to-market or delivery of the project has become an issue, application developers find a solution with Servoy.


Upgrade for Cloud

Servoy enables application developers to build responsive HTML5 screens rapidly, often by dragging and dropping, to attach business logic in a scripted language, and to deploy or launch for testing purposes in real-time without having to repeatedly compile and deploy.  Servoy empowers organizations to build SaaS and Cloud applications in record time.


UX Freedom

Adopting a UX-first approach, in which customers or end-users are included from the first sprint, reduces risk in the final product. Involving the end-users ensures that the product satisfies demand at every step, with no surprises at the end of the project. Leading with the UX empowers the project team to constantly deliver “consumable” pieces of the application, versus the old approach of developing in a silo.



Servoy competes mainly with a DIY approach where a company rebuilds their entire application from the ground-up. This might start with a .Net or Java stack with certain frameworks on top, an application server to manage the “state” of clients, topped with a hand-coded HMTL5, CSS and Angular implementation. Customers who choose Servoy tend to have complex applications in need of modernization and found the DIY approach not practical.


Proven Technology

Servoy’s approach consists of 3 pillars:

✔ A Rapid Application shell to modernize or build your applications in record time; 

✔ A standard deployment stack and pre-built components to get you started quickly;

✔ The Appsurance program to help your team mitigate any risk for this complex project. 


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