Servoy Architecture - Servoy
A modern and robust foundation for your complex application

Servoy’s architecture is made of three tiers: the data tier, logic tier and presentation tier.

The data tier can integrate with existing data sources such as relational databases, web services, email, file systems and just about anything else via the API.

Servoy’s core engine (logic tier) consists of a unique combination of events and modeling UI patterns. It allows you to write real business logic using JavaScript instead of a complex programming language. Servoy provides you with a fast and highly productive environment where the model never gets out of sync, developers are not limited in their capabilities and the code remains maintainable.

The presentation tier supports various client technologies, HTML5, native desktop, native mobile and the omnichannel delivery capabilities of the platform, all from a single code base. Servoy uses a stateful application server, which makes programming easy, productive and secure.

Servoy gives you the ultimate high-performance application with a maintainable code base.

Servoy can be deployed to both classic and modern environments, from your Mac Mini, a Windows Server, a local unix or linux box to any cloud environment: both public and private cloud. Servoy is deployed as a Java container so any cloud that supports Java containers can run Servoy. on AWS, Azure and IBM Softlayer you will find preconfigured Servoy images to instantly fire up Servoy instances.