Platform - Overview - Servoy
Why Servoy?


With Servoy, you can easily and rapidly create world-class business applications. Our leading-edge productivity tools give you everything you need to build and deliver great applications. And in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional tools.

User Experience

At Servoy we believe that the value of your application lies in its ability to deliver an amazing customer experience and industry-specific business logic. We have designed our tools to handle your stack (the part your end-users don’t see) and free you to focus on the front-end.

Partnering for Success

Whether you’re an established organization or entrepreneur, our laser focus is on successful outcomes. Our Appsurance program, using an Agile and MVP (minimum viable product) approach, eliminates the risk commonly associated with complex projects. This, combined with our RAD technology platform, tools, expertise, and most of all–our people–enables us to deliver.


Servoy’s architecture is divided into 3 tiers in keeping with the software industry’s best practices. The data tier isolates the database to preserve data integrity and consistency. The logic tier contains business rules to process user requests and apply them to the data. The presentation tier translates tasks and results into the UI.