Modernizing Microsoft Access with Servoy

Servoy - the alternative to Microsoft Access


Watch the video interview with our customer Turnkey that has used the Servoy platform to modernize their ERP system and move it to the cloud.

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About Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access was and is a very popular and innovative database management system in the mid 1990’s but has over the years been replaced with more modern and sometimes web-enabled alternatives. Seeing the DBMS is almost 30 years old, there are many applications that have been and are powered by it.

Finding an effective replacement and rewriting your applications, can be quite the job. Building browser, Cloud and Mobile applications is usually a throwback to the 3GL era. With Servoy however,  it’s business as usual and a RAD experience. We started Servoy in order to replicate a productive environment much like Access but made for the Cloud, Mobile and large scale (on-premises) deployments.  

Servoy makes your team far more productive, so you can get more done with the same number of developers. Plus, Servoy is based entirely on industry standards and is open source. There are no proprietary languages or protocols, making the learning curve nice and short.

Servoy is used by software vendors and enterprises in need of modern applications deployed in mixed environments. Servoy is known for its Appsurance program and its expertise in helping to de-risk large software projects and migrations. 


“Java and .Net are very complex and time-consuming to code with. I have seen a lot of companies try to build their own frameworks and fail. It is much wiser to use a proven RAD environment. Using the Servoy platform we saved between three and four years of development time.” – Ton Dekker, R&D Manager


Let us demonstrate the power of Servoy to you. Watch our video Servoy in 5 minutes and see for yourself.