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Check out the video interview Rodney Siebenhausen, director at [email protected] They made a basic product in FileMaker, but quickly realized it ‘wasn’t going to cut it as a serious application for their intended market’. With Servoy, they converted their application over in 6 months.

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About FileMaker Pro (now Claris)

FileMaker Pro is a multi-platform relational database application that has been on the market since 1985. Designed to be accessible to developers as well as non-developers, it became quite popular for its uncomplicated interface, and straightforward features such as its drag – and drop elements. Developed by Claris for both windows and Macintosh, it’s the second most popular platform on the Windows database after Microsoft Access. Accessible to both Operating Systems, the application is still widely used and currently on version 19, released in December 2020.

A strong Mobile & Cloud solution

Looking for an alternative to FileMaker, can be complicated. There are not many options that can help you build custom apps that work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems, in the Cloud, and on Mobile devices. With Servoy however, it’s business as usual. Many FileMaker developers have incredible experiences with building and modernizing software on the Servoy platform.

Servoy as alternative to FileMaker

Built as an SQL-based, cross-platform and robust environment for the Cloud, Mobile, and on-premise deployments, Servoy will enable you to develop your applications fast and easy. Based on industry standards and being open source, Servoy has no proprietary language nor database.

Servoy is used by software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises in need of modern applications deployed in mixed environments. Servoy is known for its Appsurance program and its expertise in helping to de-risk large software projects and migrations.


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“As Servoy offers that flexibility of multiple tenants, we can use a smart client for a sophisticated back-office, a simplified web client interface for front office, and interface with webclient for our customers, as well as the Servy mobile client that is also very important. With one code-base, with one ID, with one tool we can hit all types of clients. – Rodney Siebenhausen – [email protected]

FileMaker webinar

Watch our webinar about modernizing mission-critical FileMaker applications with Servoy.

Watch our FileMaker webinar