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Servoy and Delphi – Modernize Delphi Applications

Modernizing Delphi applications, bringing them to the web and creating mobile versions can be a daunting task. Most people start by rewriting it in .Net but there might just be an easier way.

Do you wish there was a platform to repurpose your Delphi functionality and to create a mobile and web application with a modern User Experience?

Are you:

  • Worried about how much time & $ it costs to rewrite your Delphi apps, or…
  • Blown away by the costs of hiring .Net developers to do this rewrite, or…
  • Sick & tired of losing new business opportunities to “cooler, sexier” UXs, or…
  • Scared to death of the risks attached to making these big, yet vital, changes?

Do you have any of these, or similar issues? If so, contact us today for a no obligation, exploratory conversation: 866 489 5147 or [email protected].
To learn more, see the interview (to the left) with 3 ISVs who have done soo, or let us show you some examples of successful app modernizations.


“We were searching for a RAD platform that would provide a seamless transition from Delphi to the web. Syncing front-end code and back-end code was cumbersome and time consuming with .Net. Servoy’s Rapid Application Development provided us a sleek, modern solution for our complex business apps.” – Tony Wood, MD Turnkey Group, Ltd.

Case Study

Focus Feedback modernized its Delphi application and made it ready for the Cloud and Mobile with Servoy, whilst saving years in development time. Read and download the case study below.

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