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ReadQ Systems is a software company that provides trade lifecycle automation to the securities industry. Headquartered in New York City, the company has 45 years experience in helping financial service providers reduce overhead and succeed in their automation objectives. ReadQ clients range from smaller broker/dealers with one or two traders doing a few trades per day to some of the largest regional banks in the US doing thousands of trades per day


The beginnings of ReadQ’s applications portfolio date back to the early 1970’s, to a time when green screens were considered state of the art. Over time, more features and functions were added – and more technologies. When they decided to completely re-engineer their software, ReadQ was using five different platforms. It was obvious that ReadQ needed a new technology platform – one that would allow them to replace the aging architecture and consolidate their multiple platforms into one. They began looking for a modern technology stack that was quick to learn, easy to use and simple to deploy.


In 2006, ReadQ started to figure out a game plan for their re-engineering project. Basic decisions needed to be made with regards to the programming environment (Java or .NET?) and the type of hosting (data center, private cloud or public cloud?). Other considerations to be taken into account related to the cost and effort to introduce a completely new platform, the migration path for existing customers, and the manpower, training and consulting requirements. After evaluation of several alternative development platforms, ReadQ selected the Servoy Business Application Platform as their environment of choice.