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Moving a Progress-based ERP to the Cloud in one-year

Reflecta has used Progress to develop its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software since 1990. As the market demanded a move to the Cloud, Reflecta recognized the need to modernize its user interface (UI) while reusing the existing Progress backend.

Modernizing Accounting Software from On-Premises to the Cloud

With thousands of customers, the Minox on-premises Accounting software is efficient and popular, with a quality user experience. The challenge facing Minox was to replicate that quality experience, without compromising speed, in a Cloud application.

Developing a Mobile Payroll and HR App Based on Delphi

While BCS has specialized in HR and CRM administration software for 35 years, new market expectations demanded a mobile app. Reusing existing Delphi data and business logic was a requirement, but rewriting from scratch was cost-prohibitive. With Servoy, BCS delivered a quality mobile app in less than 3 months.

From SAP to the field with Servoy Mobile

Requirements of their enterprise SAP implementation prevented Piepenbrock from adding mobile support to their facilities management platform. Servoy’s solution, backed by the Appsurance program, enables support for all mobile devices and ensures smooth bidirectional integration with backend systems.

Choosing Servoy over .Net and C# to get More Flexibility

Mirus Software AG used FoxPro for over 20 years to develop back-office software for the hospitality industry. In searching for a “Cloud” replacement to FoxPro, Mirus needed to remove existing limitations such as high development costs, separate installations for every customer, and lack of database choices.

Improving ERP UX by Moving from FoxPro to Servoy

The deprecation of FoxPro drove Jonar to seek a new IDE and led to an awareness that preventing building “the stack” from the ground up was crucial for productivity reasons. These lessons learned, combined with a hyper-focus on the user experience, were the driving forces behind building a brand-new totally SaaS based ERP.

Manufacturing and Distribution Solution Moves Beyond FileMaker

Globis created an ERP that was originally intended for internal use mainly. After making it available commercially, it became clear that there were structural shortcomings, including reliance on FileMaker Pro. Quick success with Servoy for a small project led to the overall implementation of the Servoy IDE.

Building a Modern Mobile App Integrated with Progress

Garansys is so confident in their ability to deliver IT application development on time, they offer a money-back guarantee to their customers. The right development platform isn’t just important, it’s crucial to the survival of their business. When presented with the challenge of building a mobile application op top of Progress, Garansys turned to Servoy.

Secure, Standardized Application Development for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare software must adapt to constantly changing laws and regulations. The Servoy platform offers Stb a productive environment for faster implementation of new and modified features.  With a small team, the Stb Care web application was developed and launched in only 6 months, something that could never have been achieved in plain Java.

Seamless Mobile Support in Any Environment

In a modern market, a product built on FoxPro and supporting only Windows Mobile, cannot survive. So Deutsche Bahn wanted to modernize their software portfolio and add support for the full range of mobile operating systems. Reusing existing FoxPro skills led to a quick implementation of the Servoy platform.

Complex Development for the Insurance Industry, Supported by Appsurance

The obsolescence of Visual FoxPro led BETA to redevelop their popular healthcare insurance application suite. Servoy presented the opportunity to enhance security, modernize the user experience and create a leaner codebase. The complex project was fully supported with the Appsurance program and the implementation of the Agile Scrum development method.

Modernizing a Legacy COBOL Application

Distri Data has successfully served the wholesale industry for over 25 years with a legacy application built in COBOL. As market demands changed, it was necessary to create a new user interface with smartphone and tablet support. In addition to modernizing their application, Distri Data benefited from the UX-first strategy which helped focus revenue into an ongoing licensing model and away from individualized custom development.

Green-Screen Financial Services App Upgrades to Servoy IDE

Based in New York City, ReadQ serves the securities industry with brokerage trade automation. Reliability and security are of paramount importance, but so is the user experience. ReadQ used Servoy to fully consolidate five platforms into one, while modernizing and re-engineering an outdated green-screen portfolio.

Focus Feedback build new product family with Servoy

Focus Feedback’s mission is to help customer-focused organizations enjoy a clear competitive advantage. Its customers look for solutions that help them increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. They understand that occasional complaints are inevitable and that they can provide great value for companies that transform complaints into customer knowledge.