The complete application development solution

HTML 5 Platform

Servoy gives you the simplest and fastest way to create a best-of-class HTML5 User Interface (UI) for your application. Forget cumbersome HTML5 application builders, writing code by hand, struggling to debug or making do without a WYSIWYG UI editor. At Servoy, we don’t think a rich user experience should be for your clients only.

SAAS Enablement

Servoy lets you build your applications once and deploy them wherever your customers are: on premises, in the cloud or both. Servoy is fully SaaS-capable and gives you the freedom to deploy what makes the most sense for you and your clients.

Omni Channel Delivery

With the Servoy platform, the applications you create automatically work on all the tablets, smartphones, desktops and browsers that your customers use. All from a single code base. No need to waste valuable time rebuilding your application for different devices or for the cloud. Omnichannel development works seamlessly for a continuous experience on all devices.

Multi Tenancy

Servoy allows you to deliver a true SaaS application with multitenancy out of the box. Multitenant applications typically require colossal development efforts. Instead, relying on Servoy’s multitenant capabilities saves you massive amounts of time and resources.