Easily connect to SQL and non-SQL data

Servoy seamlessly connects to any data source, whether it is an SQL database, a REST service, or something else.

Connect to any SQL back-end

While Servoy does not contain a database, it allows you to connect seamlessly with all the popular SQL databases on the marketplace. Setting up a database connection can be done in less than a minute. You can dynamically switch from one database to another; for example, you can develop your application using MySQL and deploy it on Oracle, without having to change the code. Servoy creates all the necessary tables or alter existing tables where needed.

Cross-database Connections

Servoy allows you to seamlessly join data between different back-ends (even if they are from different vendors). You may display customer data from an Oracle database and join it with data stored on an MS SQL Server without needing to program anything.

Transaction Support

Servoy manages all database transactions and data locking on the Servoy side. Transactions across multiple databases and multiple tables are supported without your having to write a single line of SQL code.

Stored Procedures

You can execute business rules held within your database as stored procedures. Servoy supports stored procedures on all commonly used databases and allows the transmission of multiple parameters and receiving back-end data or record sets.

Non-SQL Data

Connecting to non-SQL data such as RESTful web services is just as easy as connecting to a database. The Servoy IDE allows you to define the data structure of your choice and start building the user experience and logic. Simply call the REST service and Servoy will populate the data at runtime.

Database Connection Pooling

To reduce the load on your database server, the Servoy server uses connection pooling, allowing database connections to be shared across multiple Servoy Smart Clients. Security and transaction handling are managed by the Servoy server to ensure database consistency.

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