Doing away with code compilation saves time and eliminates server downtime.

Nothing to Compile

All the data from a solution developed with Servoy Developer is stored in a local workspace, which is connected to a version-control system such as Git or SVN. When the application is deployed, the code is uploaded to the Servoy server and stored in a versioned repository. Running an application on a Servoy server exposes a version of it to end users. The server uses the information created for that specific version and interprets it rather than compiling it.

Servoy’s repository-based architecture allows you to create and manage multiple releases of your solution both during development and in production. If a major bug is found in a release after it goes into production, you can immediately revert back to the previous stable version, which then automatically becomes available to all customers. New releases are uploaded to the production server via an HTTP interface without having to take the server down.

Working in Teams

Servoy’s architecture makes it easy to work in teams. All team members are connected to the source repository and work on the same application. The IDE displays a specific view for each developer to avoid editing conflicts and merges edits. It supports virtually any source control system.

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