Powerfull IDE - Servoy
Blank canvas to brilliant software in record time

The Servoy integrated development environment (IDE) gives you the freedom and productivity power to create the application you need in a fraction of the time.

Build Intuitive User Interfaces Fast

Servoy uses forms for entering or displaying your new application’s data. Developers can create and edit forms using the Servoy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools. Servoy provides all the form objects (buttons, portals, tab panels, labels, fields, etc.) you need to easily build your application using drag and drop. Servoy also takes care of connecting all the field objects to the database by automatically binding data.

Full CSS3 Support

Using cascading style sheets (CSS), you can not only control the overall look and feel of your solution, but you can also customize the appearance of individual objects on a form. CSS3 allows you to easily specify and manage fonts, colors and borders for every graphical element that appears on a form. You can use as many style sheets as you want in a single solution and even reuse CSS for other solutions. Specific style sheets can be dynamically loaded at runtime.

Fully Event-driven

Servoy provides extensive support for events that are run on the field, form and data layers. Each of these events can trigger methods used to change the user interface, update tool tips, and so on. For example, all fields support onFocusGained (enter field), onDataChange and onFocusLost (exit field) events so you can implement your business rules, validations and security rules however you want.

Break Free of UX Limitations with the NG Client

The Servoy NG client takes the restrictions out of creating a powerful user experience. It allows developers to build and use their own web components, use the layout engine of their choice and have complete CSS freedom. Servoy provides an extensive set of web components out of the box, such as labels, fields, buttons and calendars. With the Servoy NG client, you can use your own layout engine with the WYSIWYG form designer we provide. The Servoy architecture creates a clean and maintainable API between web components and the Servoy core engine. Servoy provides a fully anchored layout engine for rapid form building as well as a Bootstrap 12-grid responsive engine. You may opt for a different layout mechanism if you prefer, or build your own. Our WYSIWYG form designer supports both those options.