Localization - Servoy
Built-in localization

The Servoy IDE was designed to support localization from the outset. It lets you easily manage multiple localizations.

Easily Localize Your Applications

Servoy includes built-in tools to simultaneously display multiple-language versions of an application (including localized date, time and number formatting) from a single server. All translated strings are stored in database tables, making it easy to manage multiple localizations without any additional configuration. It’s as easy as using i18n (“i” + “nternationalizatio” + “n”).

All Languages Supported

Servoy works in UNICODE format and supports all languages, allowing you to develop in English and deploy in Asian, European or African languages.

Reusable Translations

You can reuse all translated strings in any or all of your Servoy solutions, without having to create separate translations for each solution. This feature can save you hundreds of hours of work, dramatically increasing your development productivity.