Extendable - Servoy
Extendable IDE

Servoy removes limitations by easily integrating with any tool you need, as you need it.

Unprecedented UX freedom

When developing software with your end users in mind you can not make concessions on the user experience. This is why we designed Servoy in such a way you can add any webcomponent to the Servoy while keeping your team productive. The architecture is designed to encapsulate frontend components in such a way that the codebase stays maintainable and future proof.

Share modules with your team or the community

Because your codebase can be split up in modules its easy to share those modules with other applications and people inside your company and outside.

Java Plugin API

The Java plugin API is truly compatible with Java code. It allows you to deploy existing Java classes as plugins within the Servoy environment. Servoy offers support for the Servoy Developer (to enhance the development environment), Client and Server plugins. You can quickly integrate any existing Java classes into your Servoy environment and expose their functions and properties in the scripting environment.

Servoy ships with a number of plugins that you can use as examples for creating your own plugins.