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Servoy to Sponsor and Present at two Visual FoxPro User Groups – April 14 and 19

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Servoy has been invited to present at two Visual FoxPro User Groups in southern California: April 14 in San Diego and April 19 in Los Angeles.

On April 14th, the San Diego FoxPro user group will host a special meeting on an Introduction to Servoy for Visual FoxPro developers presented by Ken Levy of MashupX, LLC, former Visual FoxPro product manager at Microsoft. Many Visual FoxPro developers have learned to develop with Servoy and have found it easy, powerful, beneficial, and appreciate Servoy’s dynamic programming features and rich data model functionality. This demo-centric session focuses on how features common to Visual FoxPro applications are developed in Servoy, cool Servoy features not supported in Visual FoxPro, how Servoy works with DBF tables in existing FoxPro applications, and the benefits to FoxPro developers in adding Servoy expertise to their skill set.

On April 19th, the L.A. FoxPro user group will host a special meeting as a kick-off meeting for a new L.A. Servoy user group. Scheduled will be special guest Ken Levy to discuss the latest news around Servoy, show new cool Servoy demos, and to help moderate co-presenting with many other special guests. Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy, and several others from Servoy will attend and participate. Other special guests include Jeff Spalla and others from ReelData in Hollywood and their Servoy based solution. Anyone who is interested in Servoy is welcome. And anyone who has been using Servoy to any degree or length of time will be encouraged to discuss and optionally present a short demo at the meeting. This will be a fun and educational meeting for anyone in the L.A. area interested in or currently using Servoy, either as a new development platform or as a great additional tool and skill set to complement VFP development and existing applications.

For more information about Servoy for VFP developers, visit our Servoy FoxPro landing page.

If you have questions about either of these free community events or would like to attend, please contact Carla Benassi.

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