Servoy Special Webinar: Team Sharing in Servoy – Sept 9

Jul 2010

Team sharing is an important topic for developers that work with other developers. It is critical to have tools that will allow development teams to have the confidence to work in the same projects without the fear of losing code changes — because someone has overwritten shared code. Another tool that is important to code maintenance is the ability to work on similar or future projects without disrupting the current code.

This webinar, presented by Jason Meunier, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, will discuss the following topics related to team sharing in Servoy:

  • Servoy Team Sharing Repository
  • Subversion
  • Servoy Team Sharing vs. Subversion
  • Installing/Setting up Subversion in Servoy
  • Using Servoy Workbench tools to work with your code repositories — commit, update, sync.
  • Code management — viewing histories, branching, tagging.
  • Discussing how using a code repository can help the single developer.

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