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Servoy 6 Alpha Release

1 minutes read

At ServoyWorld ’11 the first alpha for the upcoming Servoy 6 release was demo-ed and made available to the ServoyWorld attendees.

The week after ServoyWorld alpha 2 was released through the Servoy Talk forum for the general public. A special forum was launched to discuss the upcoming release and to provide feedback, check it out here.

Among the main features of Servoy 6 are:

  • In Servoy Developer: new and improved Form Editor, JavaScript refactoring support, improved Script Editor and overall cleanup of the Servoy Developer product.
  • For Solution development: new onRender event, new Windowing API, extended inheritance model and solutionModel extensions.

For the full list of improvements and new features, check out the Servoy 6 alpha release notes in the Latest Releases section of the Servoy Talk Forum.

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