Runtime Form Creation Using the Servoy Solution Model – Sept. 22

Sep 2011

Don’t miss this technical webinar presented by Sanneke Aleman, Servoy Implementation Engineer, on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 11am PT/2pm ET.

The Servoy Solution Model feature set is an extremely powerful tool-set. With this model, you can create virtually any Servoy object at run-time. Many Servoy developers see the power but are afraid to utilize this feature in their solutions.

In this webinar we will explain the fundamentals and show you some simple and advanced samples, such as:
– Creating a runtime form based on dynamic content from a database
– Creating a dynamic hierarchical menu
– Runtime creation of a foundset bound to an existing form (runtime query, dataset, datasource and foundset creation)
– Case study: Planner Module based on the Solution Model

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