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Jan 2020

Why Saas Is an ISVs Dream Come True and Devops, Not So Much

The first time I visited an ISV customer about 10 years ago, the owner showed me around the office and proudly told me about the 950 customers that ran his software. One of the larger rooms in the office had a CD replication machine. Years ago, back when CDs were part of everyday life, I […]

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Dec 2019

Developing Apps in a Vacuum (Sound familiar?)

When I started my first software company in the midst of the dot-com boom, a product comparison kind of service, we needed to build the application from scratch and hired a bunch of the smartest software developers anywhere. Long story short, after 9 months we had had 6 rewrites of the backend infrastructure and not much […]

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Nov 2019

Driving the App Dev Vehicle Top-Down

It’s All About the User eXperience My team and I are constantly talking to our customers about putting their customers first. Because when it comes to developing or modernizing an application, we all know that in today’s digital era, you need to put the user first. Industry advice repeatedly recommends Start from the front end, […]

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Nov 2019

Automated UI Testing

Automated testing is a must in order to build a maintainable codebase and staying agile while writing code. Automated testing is a core procedure of a modern software factory where continuous builds and continuous integrations are widely used practices; testing your software manually every time a new build is prepared requires a lot of effort. […]

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Nov 2019

Pre- and Post- Conference Sessions Announced – Only $299 Each!

Servoy is pleased to announce that the Pre- and Post- Conference sessions have been finalized. Take advantage of the opportunity to get Servoy in-person training from the people who do it every day. You can’t beat the price — only $299 USD for each class. Here is the finalized list of training classes: PRE-Conference Sessions: […]

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Apr 2019

ServoyWorld 2011 – Early Bird For Only 3 More Days!

You missed the ServoyWorld Eager Beaver opportunity! But you can still join the Servoy Team in Amsterdam on Feb. 3-4 2011. Visit the ServoyWorld 2011 page and register today. The Early Bird will end after Oct. 15th and then the price will go up to $699 USD. **ServoyWorld Early Bird Pricing – only $499 USD!** […]

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Dec 2018

5 reasons not to move to SaaS only

Why would you move to SaaS-based only? Why not a hybrid model? Hybrid software development platforms combine the best of two approaches – on-premises and in the cloud – to meet a wide range of customer needs. Combined with mobile enterprise deployment, ISVs can use a hybrid approach to offer customers choices that meet their […]

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Dec 2018

Why technical debt is key to building better software?

Debt.  What does it evoke for you? Greece begging on its knees for another bailout? The Everest-size mountain of the United States national debt? The horror of losing your home and car to creditors? Most people think debt is bad. But that’s not always true. Properly managed, technical debt is a hallmark of optimal software […]

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Aug 2018

Who Owns the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Landscape?

Assessing Your Competition What’s comes to mind when you think about any competitive landscape? One of the biggest questions should be–and one that you can hopefully answer when researching a new product–is who, exactly, is your biggest competition? And how do the top competitors stack up against each other? This question also applies when taking […]

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Jul 2018

How DevOps Avoids Cloud Pitfalls with Agile Development and Deployment

In the previous blog, we looked the advantages of cloud-based deployments. Today, we’re going to talk about what that really means, including the practical implications, the burden on your team, and risks that are involved. It was several years ago when I first used the term DevOps in a software context. (In case you forgot, […]

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