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May 2022

Webify Your Delphi Data

Creating modern web and mobile applications from scratch can be time consuming and expensive. In this two-part series, we will show you how to easily build a secure, small web portal using Servoy’s low-code platform on top of your current database. Come back for part two where we’ll use APIs to respect your Delphi business […]

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Apr 2022

Does Agile Work WIth Complex Applications?

When it comes to creating business applications, too many of us live in denial. It’s so tempting to believe that we can accurately predict how long it will take our team to build software that meets our requirements and exceeds expectations. We believe that we know what the requirements are upfront and that they won’t […]

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Mar 2022

How Quickly Can You Build A Web App With Progress?

Modernizing and web’ifying OpenEdge applications is a known challenge. In this 7-minute video we show you how to build a secure and small web portal, while respecting and re-using your existing Progress data. Modernizing OpenEdge Applications Most progress based applications contain large amounts of ABL. The questions we get most often are  “Can we modernize […]

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Feb 2022

Mobile or Web: What works best for your visual FoxPro app?

Your FoxPro application still works “Yes yes yes FoxPro has been killed by Microsoft many years ago, but our application still works and we’d like to keep it that way.“ This is a remark we hear from many enterprises and rightfully so, why would you rewrite it if it’s not absolutely necessary.  At the same […]

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Feb 2022

4 Common Low-Code Pitfalls

Low-code technologies have been disrupting the world of IT for years and are only gaining more traction. However, many question whether there is a place at the low-code table for ISVs and enterprise teams looking to build and modernize complex applications. To answer that, we have to look at the four key functionality gaps found […]

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Nov 2021

Developing Apps in a Vacuum (Sound familiar?)

  When I started my first software company in the midst of the dot-com boom, a product comparison kind of service, we needed to build the application from scratch and hired a bunch of the smartest software developers anywhere. Long story short, after 9 months we had had 6 rewrites of the backend infrastructure and not […]

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May 2021

Three Ways to Deliver a Better User Experience (UX)

Have you noticed a common theme in the last several Servoy blogs (“It All Begins With a Delightful Customer Experience” and “Driving the App Dev Vehicle Top-Down”)? They both focus on a single topic: the customer experience. This strategy of focusing more on helping the customer, not selling the product or features, has been around […]

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Mar 2021

FileMaker Pro: Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News?

FileMaker Pro: Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News?   To some extent, Servoy was born out of frustration over legacy tools like FileMaker (also known as Claris FileMaker, an Apple product), which did not support things like Cloud-based web browsers, connectivity to external apps and mobile devices. FileMaker also lacked SQL […]

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Jan 2021

Delphi migration, conversion, and modernization

Automatic migration, conversion, and modernization of Delphi Applications: are there magic shortcuts?   Over the years, we have forged relationships with many ISVs and enterprise teams, and we’ve observed that Delphi-based applications tend to be fairly sophisticated and are, quite often, complete ERPs. Delphi developers are accustomed to having extensive UI tools and plug-ins in […]

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Oct 2020

How Banks Can Innovate Like a Startup

Faster Fintech: From Idea to Production in 6 weeks  Over the last decade, innovation in the traditional banking sector has been bogged down by regulatory compliance and slow decision-making. Fintechs have taken advantage of this gap by using digital channels to get closer to customers, quicker and at lower costs.  Unfortunately, access to these new […]

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