Introducing the open source Business Application Platform modules

Jan 2014

We are very happy to announce today the immediate availability of a first batch of open source modules, part of the Servoy Business Application Platform. With the release of these open source modules we aim to provide a solid basis for …   The goal of the open sourced modules is twofold:

  1. Provide a light-weight layer of useful utility methods and implementations of low level architecture concepts that are needed by any modern application
  2. Provide the architecture to facilitate the development of reusable bits of application logic or components that are easy to integration and thus can be used in many applications

The main modules that are open sourced today are the following:

  • svyUtils – a set of modules containing a wide range of generic utility methods and core concepts required by any application
  • svyApplicationCore – A small set of default implementations for Servoy application-level events that enable better modular development
  • svyJFXWebView – A component that brings HTML5 support to the Smart Client in the form of WebView panel that can display HTML5 content
  • svyComponent – A light-weight framework to wrap HTML/JavaScript/CSS based components for usage in the Smart and Web Client, abstracting away the differences between the underlying technology of the two clients
  • svyGoogleMaps – An implementation of GoogleMaps based on the svyComponent framework


The modules are made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) , to provide everyone the opportunity to include these modules in their own projects free of charge, without requiring those projects to be open source themselves.

Getting the source

We chose to host the source on GitHub, to make is easy for the community to contribute by sending in pull requests. The source of all the modules is available as of today on the Servoy GitHub page, which also hosts the downloads.


To discuss these modules, head over to the dedicated Business Application Platform forum on Servoy Talk.

Feature Requests and bug reports

TODO: where to report them Paul Bakker Product Manager

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