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"Experience the Power of Servoy" Free Workshop for VFP Developers, UK - Sept. 16

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There have been many successful editions and varieties of this one-day workshop across the globe. And now, Servoy is bringing this workshop to you in the UK (London), — in its best ever form, including a comprehensive demo of the Servoy platform by the special guest presenter Juergen “wOOdy” Wondzinsky who will be flying in from Munich, Germany.

Who should attend?
– CIO’s, IT managers and software developers who are responsible for current, in-house VFP applications
– Business and technology Leaders from ISVs who are running a business on a VFP-based software package
– Business leaders and consultants from IT Service providers who are involved in application modernization
– Independent developers who have mastered VFP to build software on behalf of ISV and Enterprise end-user clients.

Why you should attend?

Servoy offers you a unique opportunity to explore a future scenario for your applications and, more importantly, for your business and your users. On the day, you will become familiar with Servoy’s Next Generation, Cloud-Enabled Application Platform, now referred to as “the logical evolution of Visual FoxPro” . And you will learn how Servoy can help you seize new opportunities and prepare yourself and your business or employer for the next decade.

Juergen “wOOdy” Wondzinski (FoxPro MVP ’96-2009) and Servoy will host this comprehensive one-day workshop — including discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications; sharing knowledge on both technical and business scenarios offered to VFP developers evaluating Servoy; and a demonstration that covers a wide variety of technical areas in building applications with Servoy, from data-centric development to using VFP COM-based DLLs within Servoy.

To register or for more information and assistance, please contact Peter Hebly, Head of Servoy UK & Ireland: +44 75 2827 3299 or

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